Program Management

DynaVet has the expertise to manage programs of all sizes, from small to complex, freeing our clients up to focus on their business. Disciplines include:

• Policies and Procedures

P&Ps focus on the aspects of your business and operations that are most important. We examine your operations to identify what policies and procedures you need based on industry best practices and also review and existing policies and procedures to determine the gaps.

• Risk Assessment and Planning

We guide you through an exercise to catalog and assess the risks facing your organization, and then work with your team to develop plans to avoid or mitigate damage from those that are most important. Often this includes an examination of compliance with laws and regulations, such as HIPAA.

• Internal Controls

Internal controls provide sound financial reporting and governance, inform business decisions and encourage efficiency in operations. We examine the status of your current controls through a combination of documentation review, interviews and observation of your operations. We provide recommendations on additional controls and can develop mitigation plans to minimize the damage to your business from risks.

• Roadmap to Mission Attainment

We facilitate leadership discussions to define and design initiatives for success. The result of these initiatives, ranging from strategic and operational plans to targeted programs, is increased responsiveness and flexibility when issues arise. The documented framework of considerations and activities provides a roadmap to mission attainment.

• ROI Project Prioritization

Without a good system for tracking, assessing and prioritizing opportunities, items can get lost until they become crises. We work with you to create a process to track and evaluate business opportunities using your existing technology, and teach you and your staff how to use it.

• Strategic Communications

We offer a variety of communications services and use a collaborative approach to help you meet your communications needs. Through careful research, strategy creation and implementation, and the development of clear, concise and effective messaging, we help you achieve your goals and objectives.