Time Based Flow Management (TBFM)

Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)

The Time Based Flow Management (TBFM) program maximizes the use of available National Airspace System (NAS) resources, while minimizing delays and disruptions to aircraft operations and their customers, as well as reducing fuel burning and engine emissions thereby decreasing user operational costs. DynaVet is responsible for overall performance of the task, and works closely with support staff to ensure performance and compliance with contract and FAA requirements.

DynaVet is providing TBFM software engineering support and is the primary point of contact for any questions or concerns raised by users on the development environment and Atlassian Tools.  We apply knowledge in Software development to design, develop, test and deliver quality products including configuration/customization of commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) software builds and deliveries to test engineering teams. DynaVet provides version control of program COTS, develops software baseline configurations, and automation of software build processes and installation using Unix shell scripting.

DynaVet supports the Engineering team by performing ongoing tool code maintenance and development of new functions in Java, Python, scripts and Database development/updates. We provides Configuration Management/Data Management Support – Administering the Configuration Control Board (CCB) and Problem Report Board (PRB), controlling and maintaining approved changes/program baselines. DynaVet provides support in System Administration and customer service, develops scripts and automates procedures as needed, and trouble shoot issues and responds to users via after hour supports.