CIO Applications Maintenance Enhancement and Operations (CAMEO)

General Services Administration (GSA)

In support of the Chief Information Officer (CIO) Application Maintenance, Enhancements, and Operations (CAMEO) program, DynaVet supports the General Services Administration (GSA) OCIO by providing operations, maintenance, enhancement, and development of GSA software applications. GSA requires this support to operate its portfolio of applications while modernizing and streamlining the portfolio to reduce the interconnectedness of systems and environments. This includes supporting GSA’s Public Building Service (PBS), the Office of Government-wide Policy (OGP), the Federal Acquisition Service (FAS), and Administration Headquarters. DynaVet provides business analysis, architectural planning, application development, enhancement, maintenance and test engineering services, and program management for the current and future application portfolio. DynaVet also provides support for modernizing the application environment, improving the efficiency of the environment, and working to align the application portfolio with the business needs of the organization. DynaVet employs industry best practices while adhering to CMMI Maturity Level 3 software development guidelines and standards.

DynaVet operates, maintains, and modernizes mission-critical COBOL applications for GSA. The applications include millions of lines of code hosted on mainframes. DynaVet is also helping GSA modernize its COBOL-centric business line applications with Cloud and mobile technologies while protecting GSA’s investment in the baseline mainframe architecture. DynaVet is also:

  • Modernizing the legacy mainframe systems applications using JAVA and J2EE and cloud based solutions.
  • Providing architectural design and software development support for critical high profile portfolios and GSA enterprise-wide services such as the Fleet Management System (FMS), ROADS and other applications within the Motor Vehicle Management portfolio.
  • Providing support for the GSA SmartPay Program. SmartPay is a Business Objects application, using an Enterprise Data Mart, reports, and dashboards to report credit card usage by the entire Federal government. Currently in production is a spend and purchase data mart, dashboards and reports that are accessed thru a portal that is Java using a Sybase ASE database. The portal web interface is developed using HTML and Javascript.
  • Providing a technical lead to the Online Contract Management System (OCMS) used by the Acquisition Contracting Officer (ACO) and Industrial Operations Analyst (IOA) communities. It implements and facilitates processes used to manage delegated contracts post-award, and to ensure that vendors are in compliance with the terms of their contracts.